God Is Sad: Earth Is Crying

ISBN: 9780645103106

This book creates awareness about how global warming is changing the natural identity of earth. This story begins by revisiting the past when the universe was beautifully created. From biblical creation and Noah’s Ark to today, God’s creation has always been special. However, many humans have forgotten their responsibility to protect the environment. When nature is damaged, life becomes broken and distorted. Sadly, this results in nature becoming unnatural. This book’s title is described by two metaphors; God is sad about damage to planet earth’s environment and earth’s damage from global warming results in earth’s tears of pain. However, hope exists when humans use their guardianship role in protecting the delicate nature of life on earth.

This book reveals facts and examples about how global warming has affected every continent. Some prominent examples are explained. In earth’s polar caps, increased atmospheric temperatures have triggered melting ice sheets.  The once known expanse of Arctic ice landscape now resembles floating ice cubes. Stranded polar bears float on small chunks of Arctic ice. Polar icebergs are melting. Pacific islands are sinking from rising sea levels due to melting polar ice.