Mick the Stick Insect

ISBN: 9780648919414

Mick The Stick Insect is a green stick insect who proudly lives in Australia’s famous world heritage Blue Mountains. He has an amazing natural ability to blend in his tree environment as he mimics a real tree twig. When Mick The Stick Insect sleeps in daytime, he is protected by loyal friends Bartholomew Bee and Blossom Butterfly. Survival becomes a daily concern for Mick The Stick Insect who becomes anxious about a spooky predator, Orlando Owl. Both are nocturnal animals who are naturally alert at night. Mick’s amazing ability to mimic surrounding tree twigs helps him to escape from a threatening Orlando Owl.
This story describes specific features of how a young stick insect ‘s skin transforms. Also, how a solitary adult green stick insect lives. Examples include eating herbivore meals of citrus fruits, eucalyptus and rose leaves; compound eyes that allow a nocturnal night-life; and specialised anatomy for movement. This story emphasises the significant ability of Mick, a green stick insect, to delicately balance itself in disguise on small tree twigs in Australia’s Blue Mountains.