Tale of Briana Blue Whale

ISBN: 9780648991243

Briana Blue Whale has achieved a world record. She is the biggest animal that has lived on planet earth. She is a gentle giant who calls the majestic ocean her home.
Briana Blue Whale shares her underwater environment with two special marine mammals, Dolly Dolphin and Penny Porpoise. Briana and Dolly share an important relationship as proud mothers. Their offspring, Billy Blue Whale and Donald Dolphin, become loyal friends.
Even though Briana Blue Whale’s gigantic size appears too threatening to attract predators, she encounters a natural predator, an orca killer whale. Fortunately, Briana’s dolphin and porpoise friends confuse Origin Orca who eventually swims away.
Briana Blue Whale is aware of the endangered status of whales, appreciates survival from the whaling era and world protection of whales since 1966. These factors provide hope that animals and humans can coexist.