Trudie Turtle Swims Gracefully

ISBN: 978-0-6488873-7-9

Trudie Turtle is a green sea turtle who gracefully swims in her multi-coloured home, the Sungold Sea. She appreciates friendship with Penny Porpoise who enjoys leaping from the sea. Trudie Turtle forms a loyal bond with Barnaby Sebastian, a Barbour’s seahorse. They focus on survival of their species and respect for strong family ties. However, Trudie Turtle encounters and overcomes many survival obstacles from two predators, Sam Sea Snake and Smiley Shark.
Trudie Turtle eagerly shares her amazing lifespan adventures. From her egg hatching origin to her old-age wisdom years, a caring Trudie shows compassion for baby turtles who didn’t survive. She recognises that her mother and other female turtles experienced grief when turtle hatchlings lived short lives. Trudie realises that she may also experience similar grief. Trudie Turtle knows that she must return to her birthplace where her mother laid eggs, one being Trudie, so she can also lay eggs that will hatch into baby turtles. Trudie’s story emphasises the importance of maintaining her green sea turtle heritage.